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Rain =/

Ugh such a boring rainy,dull day.I wanna read Catching Fire,but can't "/


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Jul. 5th, 2010 10:30 pm (UTC)
Mmm, I love rain. :) So refreshing and relaxing.

Aw, why can't you read it?
Jul. 7th, 2010 01:15 am (UTC)
i like rain for napping lol
I sadly can't read it cause now my other sister has it!
i re-read hunger games the other day,that is the first book i have ever re-read. And it was like reading it all over again!
Jul. 7th, 2010 03:11 am (UTC)
Heehee I know what you mean. It's so calming to hear it drumming on the windows. Really peaceful. I can see why it would put you right to sleep. ;)
Haha I'll bet that's annoying! Is it her first time reading it?
Woah, seriously??? I've re-read books tons of times. Harry Potter, for one. Hunger Games (duh). Twilight. And more, but I can't remember all of them. :D
Yeah, sometimes I think they're even better the 2nd time because you notice things you didn't notice the first time around. :)
Jul. 7th, 2010 07:28 am (UTC)
She hasn't even started she is in california right now for her cousin's 15'S and took the book for when she gets back at her house! And I have been,SERIOUSLY itching to re-read it.And since i don't have it and I'm in a hunger Games mood i might re-read hunger games again.
It does make you notice things,and like when u re-read parts like lovey dubby lines like from peeta,it still brings a smile to my face like if it was the first time reading lol.
Jul. 7th, 2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Grrr, that's annoying. My friend JUST gave me back my Catching Fire on Sunday...and she'd had it for, like, I don't know...8 months? Something like that. I almost forgot that I owned that book. XD lol.
Hmm, maybe you should read some HG fanfiction. There's some really good stuff out there. I could point you toward the them, you know, until you get your book back. Some are really stupid, though. Haha. Some of them actually made me laugh because they were so stupid. :D But I like reading all the ones about Peeta. ♥
Awww, seriously. Every time, it makes me feel even more warm and fuzzy inside. And more frustrated at Katniss for not admitting that she's in love with him already!! Geeez, quit denying. Who DOESN'T love him? Oh yeah, all the haters. >:( Haha just kidding.
Jul. 7th, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
It is annoying! I really want to read it!
An good hg fanfics suggestions? link them plz :)
Right when i was reading the hunger games again,And every time Peeta said a cute line i was "DANG, That Katniss realize sweetheart,that he is perfect for you!," I get the whole gale being your best guy friend but Peeta is upfront with the fact he LOVES her. She likes him but she I think is afraid to admit it to herself.Cause when they kissed in the cave,when no one was on the verge of death and bleeding and stuff,She said something about butterflies and wanting to do it again or something like that.-PHEWW that was long srry... lol

BTW-i like ur icon lol

Jul. 8th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
Hmm, let's see, my favorites are mostly just fluffy Peeta stuff. Catching Sparks by SummerSault169 is my favorite. Letters by -Lost in the Stars- is sweet and saddish. It's not really a story, but I like it. Reunion by Geeky-DMHG-Fan is a good one, too. And I used to really like Scars by KenoshaChick, but it got a little mature in some parts so I stopped reading it. :/ Those're all on fanfiction.net, but there's a lot of other good ones here, too. Some of the ones I linked you to are also on that site. Anyways, hope this tides you over until you get CF back. ;)
Yeah, I'm with you on that one. I see how people are team Gale, because he's a really great guy and all, and he's her best friend who's been there for her all this time and everything...but serisouly, with Peeta in the equation, there is no contest. For me, at least. :P I guess I just always fall for the sweet, romantic guys.
Haha don't worry about it--I could talk about this forever. :D
Oh, thanks! I made some Hunger Games icons a while back. The rest of them are here.
Jul. 8th, 2010 05:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for the links!
Will definitely be checking those out.
I like stories that are kinda "fluffy" as you put it,lol.
I'm a Team Peeta Girl allll the way! I like Gale but to me he is not right for Katniss like I don't know i just like Peeta better. He is so Romantic and just so cheesy lined I LOVEEE it lol. :D I love how he is forward with the fact he loves her,and that he couldn't live without her.It's just so -*SIGH- cute. And if you looked at it he has like her since like they were 5 so,Peeta has like her longer! He even remember the little details about her. And to me that is just ADORABLE -I'M a hopeless romantic , I guess. lol :D
Jul. 8th, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. :) Hope you like them.
Oh yeah, team Peeta girl all the way. But, idk, I think Katniss and Gale could work, too. I mean, they've been best friends since forever, and in THG it says Katniss only smiles or feels at ease when she's in the woods with Gale. Obviously she loves him, but whether in a romantic way or brotherly way, it's still yet to be determined. I'm almost scared that she will end up with Gale because of all that...a lot of people say that Katniss ending up with Peeta would be "cliche." Especially if Gale also ends up with Madge. It's so frustrating! cuz we have no idea how Mockingjay will turn out...Suzanne left CF in such a way that all we can do is guess. And there's a million possibilities ! Gah! I'll just have to wait to read it...
You know, with TWilight, it was easy to tell that Edward and Bella were going to end up together. There was NO WAY she would end up alone, and Jacob was pretty much just a distraction. And of course there was like 2 Team Jacobs for every 100 Team Edwards. (Before the movies came out, of course :P). But with THG...the fan base seems to be split pretty evenly down the middle between Peeta and Gale. So...WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?? I don't know, and it's killingggg me!!! O.O haha

ohh yeah, definitely hopeless...I loves the romantics. :D When Peeta says adorable stuff like that...I just melt. ♥ Unfortunately, I'm not sure if boys like him exist in the real world. How sad. :P Which is why Katniss should snap him up while she has the chance!! I mean, how can you say no to THAT?? She's demented. XD lol
Jul. 8th, 2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
Yup, I Actually read the Letters one,And I'm not lying when I tell you i cried with Peeta's letter. I swear and I told my sister to read it and she started tearing too! It was so sad and cute in away cause you know that if he did ever write a letter in the book,That he would really write that to her.That's like in the part in CF when he gave her the locket if I'm correct and he tells her he "couldn't live without her,life would be nothing" I was tearing. lol. And now I'm reading Catching Sparks...when her and Peeta kissed and stuff after her nightmare i was like "AWWWW" that's how they should always be!!!. =) lol

Gale wouldn't be a bad choice,cause he is her friend and he was the one thing that made her smile and stuff before the games,But now Peeta is there and she would want Peeta to be around her when he wasn't there,to comfort her...she feared him dying cause she didn't want to lose him...to me that would equal LOVE! Im sure she would feel horrible if anything happened to Gale she loves him in her unknown to self way...But I believe she will get with Peeta,she will come to realize Peeta is the one she Loves and might think of a future with...Hopefully,god willingly.

It's a bit of an Edward/Bella/Jacob thing with them.
I can't wait for DANG! Mockingjay to come out to see what happens...but I'm also scared to see what happens to some people.

I melt too! <3 Boys should be more like the guys in stories, I love/hate reading lovey dubby lines from guys or seeing movies with stuff like that...cause you know guys like that aren't easy to come by...like once in a Blue moon. Right!,Katniss should really get him before another lucky girl gets him!(But then again he has said he's noticed girls but none have him like Katniss) She's REALLY CRAZY! xD LOL

-Our paragraphs just get longer and longer lol XD
Jul. 8th, 2010 11:32 pm (UTC)
I know! That one's so sad, but I think it's right on with what Peeta actually would've said. He's so selfless and sweet and in love. Awww. ♥

Yeah hopefully since Peeta has been captured :(!! Katniss will realize, now that she is away from him, just how much she really loves him. I'm assuming that there will be a lot more Gale in Mockingjay than in the rest of the books since he is on the hovercraft with Katniss and Peeta isn't, so some people might think that Katniss will get closer to Gale romantically during that time, but I'm thinking that she won't. Because, really, when she's so depressed and worried about Peeta, will she really be thinking about starting a relationship with Gale? She might turn to him for comfort or whatever, but I don't think she's just gonna fall in love with Gale and forget about Peeta. If I know Katniss, she'll be determined to get Peeta back no matter what.

Yeah, I'm a little scared for some people, too...I have a horrible feeling that Cinna might already be dead. :( And I'm also convinced that Haymitch is going to die. In stories like this, the mentor always dies. In Harry Potter, both Sirius and Dumbledore die. In Lord of the Rings, Gandalf died (though he came back later). And in any case, I imagine that Haymitch will go out fighting. I mean, the Capitol ruined his life. The Games isn't something you can escape from. They drove him to drink and forced him to coach tribute after tribute that he always had to watch die while he couldn't do anything about it. So Haymitch, in my mind, is definitely out for revenge against the Capitol. I even imagine him as being the one that kills Snow, don't really know why, though.

I agree! I want a guy like Peeta. *sigggggh* ♥ Seriously, that boy is marriage material. ;)
You're right, though, he said he doesn't even notice other girls. So even if Katniss doesn't choose him, I can't imagine him being with another girl. I just don't think he'd end up with anyone if not Katniss because he wouldn't marry a girl that he knew he couldn't give his full heart to, because that wouldn't be fair to her. So probably if Katniss doesn't choose him, he'll be alone and depressed forever. :( Maybe he'd pretend to be happy, though, so that he wouldn't make Katniss feel guilty. So he either has to end up with Katniss, end up alone and depressed forever, or die.

I'm hoping for Katniss. O.O

-lol you're right...I guess we're just really getting into the conversation. XD
Jul. 9th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
It was so sad...reading it was like if I were reading if that part was in the book,Cause it's so Peeta to say things like that...ohh the romanctic stuff that comes out bread boys mouth lol.

She better realize!(People would line up to be with him *US* lol- XD) Like I can see her getting close to Gale for comfort but I don't think like in the way with Peeta.I don't think she will be thinking of getting with Gale while poor Peeta is locked up in the Capital having who knows what to him! But I think Gale will try to push her into it though,just a little bit. I'd say "Ya snooze ya loose buddy, LOL" he had many chances to tell Katniss he Loves her but held off.And Peeta who probably if it wasn't for the games never would have racked up the nerves to tell her,DID! and many many times after that. So hopefully she will pick Peeta and Gale's Handsome enough to get another girl...srry team Gale-ers lol.

I hope Cinna's okay (-Random but in the books I imagine Hugh Dancy as Cinna ♥ And he is too cute to die) They did beat him up before Katniss got into the arena. I Like Haymitch,He is okay in his own little weird way..lol I'd be sad if he died. They did mess up his life...He won't go without a fight!!! (I imagine as Johnny Depp in Pirates lol 0R the one that played Sirius would be good too!)We'll have to wait and see...Ughh the AGONY!!! til August -SIGH*

I wish a guy like Peeta existed and came knocking at my door I'd be like "HELLOOO &HEARTS;" He is definite marriage material! :) I'd marry him lol

He is a one girl guy,♥and if Katniss chooses Gale, No offence to Gale,But I'd be mighty upset cause that would rip the heart right out of poor Peeta. He would want her to be happy but dang how dim can she be if she doesn't see that Peeta would do anything-And OBVIOUSLY he has risked his own life for her.And not be with him...Those Feelings our there she just has to admit it to herself.

And if it goes the other way I think Peeta is gonna have to pick up the bottle lol jkjk.Hopefully it goes the other way.

And they live HAPPILY ever after...but who know with Suzanne Collins lol.

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